Written and Photographed By: Kelly Ann Earls

Simple and sweet was the wedding of Mary Nichole Candela and Timothy Richard England on October 4th at The Woodland’s Resort. The ceremony was set outside and the Texas weather was on its best behavior. The couple would meet under a gazebo overlooking the pond and the white carpet awaited the bride with ivory petals scattered like confetti.
LeighAnne, the leading coordinator, answered questions for the orchestra trio as they gathered their music together; while I set up a table holding the programs for the ceremony and some fans that were supposed to keep the guests cool, but since the weather was so nice, they just made cute souvenirs.

Everything seemed to flow together and on time. LeighAnne helped the girls get ready in their suite at the resort. The bride glowing and smiling ear to ear just happy to be around friends and family and excited to meet her Fiancé at the end of that beautiful aisle. 

At the same time I was making sure the men folk were relaxed, pinned with boutonnieres, and having their own photos taken once dressed. I had nothing to worry about though, because like the bride and bridesmaids, the groom and groomsmen were cool as cucumbers. From then on I knew it would be a very laid back wedding and everyone could just focus on the happiness of the day.

The guests arrived and took their seats as the pastor and Timothy took their places at the gazebo. LeighAnne took care of final preparations with the groomsmen and bridesmaids, checking to make sure they looked their best before they started the procession. Then the bride appeared and she took everyone’s breath away with her gorgeous traditional gown of ivory with  lace over the shoulders, a corset bodice leading down to a small train where white roses popped all over for a beautiful intricate design, all topped off with a sheer veil that went to her shoulders.

The couple and family’s smiles were as bright as the sun rays streaming down on them as the couple made their promises to love one another through sickness and health. When the ceremony was underway, the Ellanesque team went up a couple of flights to check on the reception area.

The room was intimate and tables were covered with pure white linens with small centerpieces  of sparkling cubed vases holding flowers glowing of pinks and greens. The wedding cake made conversation with the champagne glasses, as they waited eagerly for the wedding party to arrive. Menus were tucked cozy in napkins at each place. The meal including a delectable looking squash soup in a pastry dish followed by a meal of Filet Mignon that made you want to cry because of how perfectly tender it was,  garlic jumbo shrimp, mushroom risotto, and delectable seasonal vegetables.

After the newlyweds were welcomed with a loud cheer, everyone settled down to enjoy the meal. The Woodlands Resort staff having been fantastic from the beginning was a triumph during the dinner service with a fantastic meal as well as classy service. No glass remained empty long and empty plates were soon replaced with another course with such ease it worked like a dance.
The photographer had a natural talent to move amongst the crowd and catch perfect moments of delight and love amongst our starry-eyed couple or dearly beloved. The toasts were made with laughter and tears and then the cake, which was white with french butter-cream frosting and a delightful strawberry filling, was shared between Mary and Timothy before the guests got a try.
After the sweet tooth was satisfied the special dances started and then the bouquet toss.

This toss was extra special because Mary decided to share her special day with a friend of hers. She started to toss the bouquet, but then stopped and the DJ called up one of her friends who was to receive the bouquet in congratulations of her upcoming marriage in New Orleans in November. The two laughed, smiled, and cried a bit as they exchanged the flower baton as “When The Saints Go Marching In” played over the speakers. A very sweet and generous moment.
The rest of the reception was simple…DANCE DANCE DANCE!

The Ellanesque team throughout the whole process made sure to keep their eyes peeled for any hint from the wedding party or guests that they needed something. However, everything just ran so smoothly, that we weren’t needed so much thanks to the wonderful preparation between LeighAnne, the wedding party, and the resort before hand.

It’s always wonderful when everyone works as a team to make a wedding day flawless. It was easy to see. The vendors were diligent and respectful, the guests appreciative, the venue was so accommodating, and most importantly the bride, the groom, and family were delightful and so happy just to celebrate love and two families becoming one.

No, it wasn’t the most extravagant wedding I’ve worked this year, but sometimes…simplicity is best and this certainly was the best.

Pictures from the wedding!