When you are planning your decor for your wedding, one item that is easily overlooked is the chair. Most [guys] may think that 'Hey, its JUST a chair!" But by adding decor to your chair can offer an easy way to spice up the room and bring it all together. By adding chair decor, you can get a chance to add your own personality and a bit of flair into the design of it. There are so many different ways that a chair can be done, and with Pinterest the options are endless! I have compiled some of my favorite ideas for chair sashes. Check them out!

Holiday season is here! Holiday season is one of my favorites times of the year. There are so many amazing lights to see, decorations to put up and food to eat.  The holiday season can get a little crazy but it is also a great time for weddings!  If you love the holiday season or are a bride that just has a hard time finding a theme for your wedding, then I would suggest the holidays.  Having your wedding during the holiday season automatically gives you access to lots of decor especially since venues and churches will decorate for them anyway. Being able to add different elements that work with the season is so much easier than trying to meticulously make sure it works with your decor and theme.
Here are a few ideas that I have come across that are subtle yet make such a statement and really help bring your decor up a notch.

1. Pine Cone Place Cards

This is such a simple thing to even DIY. Adding this little element of nature reminds people of the fall and snow which will fit perfectly with your Holiday wedding.


2. Hot Chocolate Bar

Everyone remembers that first hot chocolate cup of the season. What better way to remind them of the season than by adding a Hot Chocolate Bar! This will allow your guests to get warm and have fun time creating their own mix in the process!

3. Sprinkles of Snowflake

What easier way to add decoration than taking the most beautiful piece of ice that falls from the sky! You can add snow flakes on an invitation, use it as a place card holder, or even add a snowflake onto the menu card of each place setting.

4. Gold Leave Name Cards

Adding a leaf can make your wedding have a fall and rustic feel to it very quickly. But dressing up your leafs by spray painting them gold and then writing your guest names on it brings your decor to another level. This leaf turns your wedding from rustic to classic!

5. Cranberry Champagne

Instead of adding your standard strawberries to your drink, add a festive fruit like cranberries! This definitely will allude to the holidays and people will love it since it is something unique.


Any good wedding planner or wedding coordinator will tell you that organization is key to success. Being and staying organized helps to ensure nothing falls through the cracks at any party, including your wedding. Your brain can only hold so many items in its' memory bank and to do list until something gets pushed out. Having a place to write down your thoughts, to do items, and things you have done will help keep you sane and everyone around you happy.

How do I keep myself organized, you might ask?

Many posts on our blog are about the fun part on the wedding and reception, and rightfully so. I love being able to help brides from all walks of life help their vision of colors and themes come together. But ultimately that is not why we are in the business. We are in the business of helping plan a beautiful day where 2 wonderful people will be married and become one. Something that can inevitably rear its head is the vague hints of doubt: cold feet.  We are always there to do our best to calm the anxiety and assure the bride and groom of the choice they are about to make.

A guest list should be one of the first things you do when you start planning your wedding. This list will be used for engagement parties, bridal showers, Save the Dates, bachelor parties etc. Trying to put together this list can be very daunting but just make sure you get together with your family and parents to make sure you haven't forgotten anyone. Now, actually finalizing your guest list is a big task and one that your wedding planner may not be able to help you with since he or she will most likely not know your guests. This is always one of the hardest tasks for my brides and I wish that I could help them answer those questions of "Do I invite my Aunt who I have only seen when I was five?", "If I invite one neighbor do I have to invite all of them?" etc.

After searching many different places I finally found this Guest List Manager. This Guest List Manager is the best I have seen so far to help all you brides and grooms put together your guest list. The manager is a simple yes no form that puts your guests to every test. It starts out at the top with "Have you talked with this person in the last year" and if it is a "yes" then you move the questions "Do you spend time with this person outside of work". If that answer is a no then they are eliminated. If the answer is yes, then you keep going till you reach the bottom. But don't worry, this form is short, sweet, to the point, and the most helpful with managing your guest list. If you find you, your fiance, and family arguing about who is and isn't invited, pull out the Guest List Manager and let that be the final say on any guest without any guilt. Try it out for yourself and let us know how it worked for you!