Happy Fall Y'all! Saturday, September 22nd was the first official day of Fall.  We are so thrilled for all of our weddings we have coming up!  Our brides are really digging the fall concepts (pumpkins, apples, warm colors) and incorporating them into their weddings this year!  In honor of all our happy blissful Fall brides here are some pictures we found on Pinterest to get you a little more excited about your Fall wedding!


All images can be found at our Pinterest page


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The Girls of Ellanesque



The girls of Ellanesque really love all things weddings! We especially love creating mock weddings where we get the chance to let our creative juices really flow! We call these mock weddings our "style shoots." They are very similar in the steps to take to plan a wedding, so if you are curious the steps are below.

1) Pick an idea, theme, concept & color scheme

2) Create an inspiration board for visual representation


3) Gather a really great team together (vendors) who would love the opportunity to be featured in a magazine, blog or just want to build and update their portfolio

4) Pick a location, time, and date

5) Meet with each team member to create, design, and incorporate your concept and ideas

6) Game day! Organize all team members to meet at the location and set up everything for the style shoot!

As you can see there is a lot of work that goes into our style shoots just like it would be for a wedding. Therefore, we were beyond thrilled to find out our style shoot we did back in early 2012 was featured on a few blogs!

Love Toast Blog

The Frosted Petticoat


Here are some sneak peek images that you will probably JUST.MELT.OVER!

For the other images, you will have to click on the links to take you to ALL the images that the blogs featured!

We are SO excited about this really fantastic opportunity and this style shoot would have not been possible without our great vendors & their design collaboration!

Photographer - Christa Elyce

Florist - Something Special In Flowers

Makeup & Hair - Thalio Beckham Makeup

Invites - My Urban Invites

Rentals - Recollection Vintage Rentals

Drinks - My Mix Bartending Services

Catering - Lola Catering

Desserts - Sugary and Chic Boutique



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The Girls of Ellanesque


Photo Credit: All images taken by Christa Elyce Photography



We wanted to show you that Lauren from Ellanesque has been interviewed by The Knot team and was featured in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue. We were so honored and excited when The Knot wanted to interview one of The Girls of Ellanesque!  Lauren's insight on how to leave a lasting impression, how to transform a space from drab to fab and the ins and outs on how to find inspiration anywhere and everywhere can all be found in this featured article.

Check it out below or go pick up a copy of The Knot Fall/Winter 2012 issue at your local grocery store, Barnes or other book stores.



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The Girls of Ellanesque



For those of you who were fortunate enough to see Nik Wallenda walk across Niagara Falls on a wire, you witnessed something that has never been done before.  My wife and I happened to turn the TV on a minute into his walk and watched the rest of it live.  I cannot imagine taking that first step onto a wire that long and that far above the ground/water below.

The amount of courage required for this is remarkable.  Remember, Nik did not want to wear the harness than his sponsors insisted he wear.  So many things can go wrong on a tightrope walk, especially when water and wind are added to the equation.  Also, there is the downhill walk to start out and the uphill to finish, since it is not possible to have a wire of this size exactly straight for that long of a distance.  Not only did Nik complete this walk successfully, but he had enough confidence in his ability to do so to allow the distraction of basically giving an interview while he walked across.  Not to mention his kneel-down towards the end and running the last several steps!

As a bride, you can relate to this courage as it applies to the long road ahead of you.  If you have recently been engaged, you are starting on a lifelong journey with someone, and must have the courage to trust that he will take care of you.  Giving up your independence is not easy, and is takes courage to fully trust your fiance and future husband to be there for you and to be interdependent upon each other.  While Nik had a long wire ahead of him with a "storm" of condensation from the falls in the middle, you will no doubt have storms in your life as well along your walk together.  You had the courage to take that first step when you said "Yes"!  Like Nik did throughout his journey, you will be able to turn to family (your fiance/future husband) and prayer to help you through anything.

So be confident in your decision!  Prepare as best you can for your life together, and always lift each other up and keep each other focused on whatever goal lies ahead.  Walking across Niagara Falls was Nik's lifelong dream.  With proper preparation and an unconditional love towards one another, your dream can come true as well, and you can live a life full of adventure with the one you love!


The summer is approaching and we are definitely feeling it in the Houston area! We were so beyond thrilled to be working with a clients who give us the freedom to be creative with their visions, ideas, and looks they are wanting for their wedding or event! Of course, we had to show you the past two inspiration boards we have been working on! The boards are called All That Glitters and well....you will see all the eye candy that screams out girly, glitzy and glam! Each client  we work with will get an inspiration board(s) of what all details we discuss at our decor meetings! Yep, we get to play with your ideas and truly make them reflect everything you want and more!

All That Glitters!


Stay tune for other sneak peeks of client inspiration boards we create!

On our blog next we will be featuring one of Houston's hottest lifestyle photographers! You won't want to miss out on all this :)


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The Girls of Ellanesque


Photo Credits: Inspiration boards were made by Wedding Wire Inspiration Board tool & images can all be found on our Ellanesque Weddings & Events Pinterest Boards.