This past week we received some great news from Leslie, a mother of the bride from our New Year's Eve wedding last year!  Leslie and I worked very hard on every detail of her daughter Rebekah's wedding and were both very pleased with the final product.  Turns out, this wedding caught the eye of someone else as well...

Leslie had entered Rebekah's wedding into the "Wedding of the Year" contest at Pegeen, which for those of you who don't know is a company that specializes in beautiful flower girl dresses!  Out of over 1,200 entries into this contest, Rebekah's wedding was selected as the favorite and was given the "2012 Wedding of the Year" award!  We had a blast planning this wedding and are honored to have won this award, especially since David Tutera was last year's winner!

Check out the bride's take on the wedding by reading her blog entry about it where you can enjoy some pictures of Ellie, the beautiful flower girl, along with many other wedding pictures.  And last but not least, our congratulations go out to Leslie, Rebekah, and Ellie for a beautiful wedding!



We love when couples want to go the extra mile for their guests to create a passage way to learn about the happy couple and get all juicy details of the wedding and more!  We want to encourage YOU to do the same thing!  The site we highly recommend is Wedding Paper Divas!  They provide a FREE (hello, free!) wedding website to any couple who wishes to join and create an account.  We think we will wait for you to click on the link (here it is again!) and get started or at least get familiar with it.

(Our Pandora music will keep us entertained.  No need to worry about us!)

Did you check it out?!  There are a lot of cute designs that can go well with your wedding decor, theme, or colors.

Wedding websites can be a place for ALL your guests to visit and easily find out everything about you, the wedding, surrounding events, where to stay, etc.  There are a ton (more like a gazillion) of templates to choose from, but remember to choose templates that go with your wedding look, theme, or colors.

Oh, remember word gets around quick that y'all are getting married, so in case one of your guests are living under a rock, you can add the website link to your save the dates!

Some of the features that Wedding Paper Divas will give you:

  • If you chose to do a save the date or invitation through Wedding Paper Divas then you can match your site to over 40 of Wedding Paper Divas bestselling invitation designs.
  • Easy to design (You don't need to be a rocket scientist) Just point and click at anything on the site to customize to your likings!
  • Custom domains (You know,, or anything your little heart wants)
  • Unlimited Photos (Yes, the million photos you took through your dating years will be on your website for all your loved ones to view)
  • Guests can chime in and say something or give the happy couple best wishes
  • Music & video is available
  • Online RSVP, blog, password protection, guest list manager, and much much more!


What are you waiting for!  Call, text, or email your fiance right now and send him this little reminder to create your FREE wedding website!




Side Note:

Did we mention how much The Girls of Ellanesque love it too?!  We get to know your entire wedding party before the big day because you were proactive and smart to put pictures of each person participating in your wedding!  Finally, there is a system where The Girls of Ellanesque can sneak in from time to time to take a quick peek a boo at who all is in your wedding without feeling awkward at the rehearsal trying to remember 12 different names and faces and oh did we mention your entire bridesmaid side is all blondes!  Yep, we've been there!


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The Girls of Ellanesque



Photo Credit: Wedding Paper Divas




You are getting married and you're really excited about it!  Well, let us ask you this question: Have you attended any weddings recently?  Deep down we know you want to attend other weddings to support your friend or loved one, but also did you know that attending a wedding this past year has become less expensive for the guests.  The average amount spent to attend a wedding in 2011 was $490.00, and this year that number is down to $339.00.  This amount includes any money spent on gifts, clothing, travel, and wedding preparations, according to a survey. (Link in article below)

This year, people are saying they are going to be spending $166.00 on gifts for close family, $105 for close friends, and $56.00 for co-workers.  Of course, 41% of guests say they would make the decision of what to spend based on how close they are to the couple getting married. Then, there is 1/3 of people who say they that their budget will indicate how much they will spend (hmm...novel idea...spending what you can afford).  These days, guests prefer to give the couple gifts from their registry, but the majority of couples would really enjoy opening a card full of money to put towards a house, honeymoon, or their future together. 

Even with the reduction in the average amount a guest will spend to attend a wedding, your guests will be spending their own money to see you say "I Do", so keep this in mind when planning your wedding!  According to this article, many guests are agreeing on what the future Mr. and Mrs. should spend their money on.  More than 60% of people listed food as the most important part of the wedding.  After food then venue, entertainment, and wedding cake was the most important categories to spend your money on.  So, we encourage you to keep this in mind when deciding what to spend your wedding budget on!

Here at Ellanesque, we offer custom budget development done professionally by our CPA.  So, you can be sure that we can design a budget that will divide your overall budget into various categories based on your preferences so that you can make sure that you stay in line throughout the process and don't have an unpleasant surprise towards the end!  It's a simple process for you, and it will be tailored to YOUR individual preferences, unlike the templates floating around on the internet! 


If you have not heard of Pinterest yet, you need to get on board this social attraction!  It is the best site for all things awesome!  We especially love how we can use it to communicate visually to our clients & vendors.  Are you following us yet?  Are we following you yet?  If not, what are we waiting for?!

Some of our pins we are loving are below for your viewing pleasure!

Are you in love with the homemade burger bar? This would be great for weddings, parties, or any ol' shindig you are planning for the summer months.

Some best man wants everyone to know that HE is the best man!  Why not?

Make him smile with something unique!

Quick & easy recipes for the sweet or salty craver in your life!

What is not to love about petit fours on your wedding day?  Hello, out of this world delicious bite size pieces of Heaven! You can enjoy a few without feeling overly guilty for indulging over this sweet number.

Hello gorgeous! You definitely make an entrance they will never forget!

Oh what fun! Gourmet fun jello shots in different shapes, flavors, and fun colors.

Your guests will devour this little kick in the head jello shot twist.

Throw out the pastels and bring on the bold, color, & eye envy of bright colors!

We are digging the idea of games at receptions. This one is not just for the kiddos! Adults (young & old) can enjoy the memories of seeing your family & friends competing in a game of horseshoes.

Tune in for more pins to come, or if you cannot wait that long follow us on Pinterest

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Have you noticed the hottest trend lately is using different shaped tables for your reception dinner? Well, we are here to say we are loving this trend of using long tables and different shapes for your reception gatherings! We wanted to show you how much we love this trend by showing you a little eye candy:

We just love how intimate and romantic it makes a room look! It is perfect for any guest to feel loved and honored to be a part of your celebration! What we adore about this trend is it is actually a great match for any theme, color scheme, or venue space! This look is amazing to pair up with a mix of other shaped tables!

It doesn't matter if it is square, round, or rectangular in shape, it will add a new element for all your wedding guests to talk about!

You can do low, high, or hanging centerpieces over the long tables! Any way you go the long table trend is here to stay for years to come...

Did you enjoy?

With love,

The Girls of Ellanesque


Photo Credits:All images can be found on our boards on Pinterest