We found this really cool website that forecasts the weather up to 2 years away.  It is called Weather Wiz and it is used to see daily long range forecasts for any traveling, big events, or weddings going on in your life.  Brides, you can now see how the weather usually is for a wedding date a few years away!  You can even pick a date that may have a history of fabulous weather, so you can enjoy your day without a cloud in sight!  It will give you average daily maximum and minimum temperatures for most popular cities around the world.

How is this possible? You are probably asking yourself. Well....

The Girls of Ellanesque were curious about this too. We did a little research and found out that the methodology lies in lunar and solar cycles as well as the sun. We were blown away by all the knowledge that we just wanted to give you the key points before we lost you like the creator Jim Witt lost us.  He discovered this by analyzing the lunar and sun influences. He takes his information and puts into a computer program to calculate the weather forecast!

Impressed? We were....don't forget to check this site out to see when you can have sunny skies on your wedding day! The weatherman has been wrong before and surely will be again, but at least this can help your chances a bit!



With love,

The Girls of Ellanesque



February - The month of LOVE

Valentine's Day is coming around the corner and that means lots of sweets will be bought and shared with your fiance! Mmm mmm mmm who doesn't enjoy something sweet and scrumptious?! The Girls of Ellanesque wanted to share something SWEET with you too.  It is the perfect time to show you this completely free invitation suite from The Wedding Chicks we found while pinning different pictures on Pinterest.  You heard us correctly...completely free! The best part of it all is you can customize the invitation suite to fit whatever your colors and font desires are.  All you need is a printer, paper, and a little creative boost to get you through this personalized adventure.

Here is the link for the entire suite (invitation, response card, save the dates, and programs for your guests)

The Wedding Chicks


What is not to love about a good FREEBIE you can use for your wedding!

Make that first impression and personalize your wedding invitations with love and heart.


With love,

The Girls of Ellanesque


Photo Credit: The Wedding Chicks









Weddings and events these days are all about the details! We are a wee bit overly excited for our new store find which is filled to the brim with details! As we were pinning on Pinterest we came across a sweet little number you just have to check out Sweet Shop Lulu. Sweet Shop Lulu is an online store that has all your accessories (stripey straws, cupcake wrappers, cake stands, candy jars, and more) under one website. They can ship all around the nation, so that means ladies and gentlemen you can get an order of sweet deliciousness sent to your very doorstep. They seriously have the cutest, sweetest party supplies and will make any wedding or party pretty!

Here are our favorite finds that can be found on Sweet Shop Lulu


Are you in love like we were at first sight?  How fun would it be to incorporate these little fun details into your wedding or party!


With love,

The Girls of Ellanesque


Photo Credits: Sweet Shop Lulu


Today, we will start off with the definition of the word INSPIRATION:

Inspiration- The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. Esp. To do something creative.

As wedding planners it is so important that we get inspired when working with you! Inspiration for us can be anything really and we can get it from anywhere. The most recent place we have been inspired by lately is the local home decor stores in the Houston and surrounding areas. The stores we have been stimulated from are ZGALLERIE, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Ballard Designs. All these stores are different in many ways, but all have creative ideas that are just bursting with wedding elements.  We found so many creative elements in patterns, throw pillows, textured rugs, and the bare bones of the furniture in these stores. We just could not wait to share it with you.

Let's play a game! We want you to guess a few potential wedding elements that you could pull from looking into these store doors.

Are you ready? Let's go!

In this picture: Imagine you are stepping into Zgallerie. Do you see any potential wedding elements that you could pull ideas from this store?

We will give you a few minutes to look over this room.




Times up! Did you find anything?

If not, we can walk through what inspired us from this room.

1st) The color Aquamarine can be used in your wedding colors. Spring is coming and would be a pop of color

2nd) The Aquamarine lanterns can be used for centerpieces, accenting the dancefloor, or used for lighting a pathway to your wedding.

3rd) Coral (do you see that) it can be used for any beach wedding or something to add a little texture to any wedding


If you do not see it then let's work on some elements that you should think about before stepping foot inside a home decor store.

1) Pattern: It can be hidden or out for everyone to see. Look for patterns in curtains, rugs, throw pillows, and even in furniture pieces.

Here are a few patterns to look for and their names





If you need a little help on thinking of patterns use Amy Atlas's pattern guide

2) Texture: There is plenty of texture to be found at a home decor store

Moss can be used for anything really. You can do a neat place card setting on a board covered in moss. Or, you can use this board for a centerpiece holder.

Possibilities are endless!

3) Accessories

Do you see candles, little dishes, table runners, and centerpiece ideas on this table?

Pay attention to the accessories located at stores because it could inspire you for your wedding!


We just love taking one simple idea that we got inspired from a local home decor store and running it through the wedding.

We dare you to take a scroll down the decor store aisles and see if you get inspired too!



With love,

The Girls of Ellanesque


Photo Credits: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4,


The best kind of love stories are the ones where we meet couples who did not expect to fall in love and did! We just melted like butter when we heard how Angelica and Jeff met. Angelica was not into dating and worked too much to care.  However, Angelica was wanting someone to hang out with and do fun outings with.  She played with the idea of online dating and came across Jeff.  After many conversations, Angelica and Jeff met at a local restaurant/bar area to meet and get to know each other in person.  Well, the rest is history and now they are engaged and planning their Spring wedding to make it official in May!  We are so excited to be a part of their planning process and day!  This little family (Jeff, Angelica, Kailey and Bella) are just too cute for words.

The engagement photos were taken by the lovely and talented Christine Tremoulet.

With love,

The Girls of Ellanesque