From: Carol T. (Bride)

Hiring Lauren and her team at Ellanesque was absolutely the BEST decision I made during my wedding planning process.  I appreciate a strong work ethic and attention to detail and knew that I couldn't handle all of the details of my wedding on my own and when I met with Lauren, I knew she was the perfect fit!  She was able to keep up with me and my ideas and intricate details AND take detailed notes!  She is so knowledgeable, assertive, and wise beyond her years.

Planning a wedding is an amazing experience, but it can be stressful, exhausting and overwhelming, and hiring a wedding planner like Lauren to step in and assist you with managing the details and logistics is essential!  Lauren is truly invested in her brides and I honestly have her to thank for maintaining my sanity in the weeks before my big day.  Working with Lauren, I went into my wedding weekend 100% confident that everything would go smoothly with her at the reins.  She established great rapport with all of my vendors and handled those who proved to be slightly difficult with professionalism and grace. 

As a detail fanatic, the fact that I was able to completely let go and relax on my wedding day speaks volumes about her abilities.  It was a very detailed wedding with a 7 hour reception and she handled it all with ease.  On the morning of the wedding day, she was the first person to stop by my hotel room, while her team supervised the set-up at the church and venue.  Once we arrived at the church, she was there waiting on us, and then throughout the night at the reception everything seemed to happen seamlessly.  I never once had to ask "when is ___ happening" or "where is ___" - it all just happened...and better than I could have imagined!

I absolutely couldn't be happier with Lauren and her services...she is truly amazing and a Godsend to brides!  If you want to truly enjoy every second of your wedding with your family and friends, and pull off the wedding of your dreams, hire won't regret it!

From: Iliana W. (Bride)

My husband and I live in Dallas, but we planned our weekend wedding for Galveston.  We assessed 12 planners against our criteria; Ellanesque ranked highest, so we were elated when Lauren and Erik agreed to help us!  Ellanesque was our perfect fit because -

They're enthusiastic about their work, which is how we got our dream bash!

Their fabulous vendor network; Lauren and Erik work only with vendors who've demonstrated their value and credibility (and they corralled the best vendors to take care of us!).

They relate well to any personality and adapt perfectly to the client and situation.

They communicate instantly, respond right away, and handle issues urgently.

Ellanesque spent the year discussing our details, booking vendors, coordinating contracts, and keeping aligned the many involved teams.  They built our wedding according to our preferences so that when our day finally arrived, we'd have only ourselves, our feelings, and our impending commitment to think about...and we did just that alongside partying with our happy guests.  Y'all are the best.  Thank you so much.

From: Leslie D. (Mother of the Bride)

Lauren and Ellanesque were truly lifesavers for our wedding!  Our wedding venue included a wedding coordinator, but we hired Lauren to master all the finer points and details and work directly with the venue wedding coordinator and all our wedding day vendors.  Lauren put together a very custom package for our wedding to assist in the areas we knew were going to be challenging.  With the bride residing and wedding venue both in Houston, and the parents residing in another country, it was essential to have Lauren behind the scenes to assist in planning, receiving wedding shipments and handling coordination of meetings and contracts with our wedding vendors.  Lauren even took care of matters after the wedding day so we did not have to stay in town to close up any loose ends.

Lauren listened to our ideas and was the perfect mediator with our vendors to ensure exact delivery of what we wanted.  Her attention to detail and organizational skills were spot on!  Lauren and her assistants did an awesome job.  The wedding day was flawless and gorgeous and a day to remember! Thank you, Ellanesque.  So brides, do yourself a great favor and HIRE a wedding planner!  Ellanesque will ensure a perfect, stress-free, and awesome wedding day for sure.

From:  Terryl F. (Mother of the Bride)

We always introduced Lauren as "Our wedding planner without whom there would be no wedding."  She had to deal with an absentee bride in Houston and an MOB undergoing chemo and radiation therapy in Dallas yet she never missed a beat or made us feel stressed.  Lauren's people skills are immeasurable, her patience is remarkable and her work ethic extraordinary.  All that is complimented by her amazing resources...we had the best venue and food, finest photographer, most delicious cake, beautiful flowers, on time buses, magical seamstress, etc. all because she knew whom to recommend and why.

Charmed by the Ellanesque website, my daughter and I met with Lauren in early March.  We hired her the same day and never looked back - never for a moment regretted the decision.  Our original plan for a November wedding quickly changed to July because of the chosen venue's crowded schedule so Lauren had less than five months to pull everything together.  And pull it all together she did with grace and an attention to detail that rivaled my own (I am obsessive!).  Every phone call, every e-mail was returned promptly.  Every question, every problem was answered and resolved quickly.  By the way, this was a wedding with 240 guests from all over the country, 8 bridesmaids, and 8 groomsmen, full dinner, 2 bands, and fireworks.  We will never know how she did it.  But we will always remember how happy she made all of us by giving my daughter and her fiance the wedding of their dreams...and making the process delightful and fun!  Ellanesque is simply the best.

From:  Nicole R. (Bride)

Lauren and all the girls at Ellanesque are amazing!  Everything on the wedding day went off without a hitch (as far a I knew anyway) and if there were any issues, they were quickly resolved by the girls.  Lauren takes a very personal approach to the event planning process and isn't afraid to keep people in check so that everything turns out the way YOU wanted it to.  The week of the wedding, Lauren helped resolve a slight hiccup we had with one of our vendors which took a lot of stress off of me.  I wish I found these ladies earlier so they could have been a part of the wedding planning process sooner!

From:  Aimee B.  (Bride)

The first time I got married I tried doing everything myself.  I survived, but it was very stressful and with lots of problems to solve every time I turned around. A few years ago, when I got engaged, I was still in the mind-frame to do things myself.  However, I was new to the area and would need help finding vendors.  That's when me now husband and I started working with Lauren and her team.

We first sat down and figured out what we still needed to do and then they helped us figure out how to work with our moderate budget.  Lauren and her team made sure that the vendors were doing what I asked, and when I felt confused or intimidated they stuck up for me and what I was envisioning.  When we didn't know who to hire she was able to give recommendations that worked with our budget.  Lauren and her team understand the wedding industry, what's out there, and when I couldn't find something she always did.  Even a thing as small as 2 candelabras I saw in a picture but could not find a place to rent from. I was going to give up, but Lauren didn't.  She made sure I got the wedding I wanted.

As time drew closer to the big day, Ellanesque kept things on track and made sure we were getting things done.  Not everything was about business. When I was panicking or upset, Lauren was understanding and very reassuring to both of us.  I could leave things to them and know it would get done and felt they were always looking out for us.  On the big day there were only two problems that I knew of.  First, my makeup lady was late, not to the fault of Ellanesque, and it was Lauren who helped resolve the issue and calmed me down.  Second, I left the flash drive with a special song on it at home, but Lauren's team came up with a solution.  From that point on it was smooth sailing, and except for marrying the love of my life, Lauren and her team were the biggest reason we were able to enjoy our wedding and reception.

From:  Carol M.  (Mother of the Bride)

Lauren and Ellanesque were there from beginning to end (literally 3am after the reception!) to ensure that every detail was covered and every issue resolved. Her contacts with vendors in the Houston area was extensive and her relationships with those vendors helped to coordinate every aspect to perfection.  We loved her organization and timeline she put together for the day of the wedding and her team even helped with last minute details at the rehearsal dinner. Lauren was very helpful in managing the hotel reception details including linens, lighting, stage, band and florals.  Phone calls and e-mails were always promptly responded to.  Advice was given but we were never made to feel as if it wasn't our decision. The Ellanesque team even set up the candy buffet for us at the reception (and packed it all up at the end of the evening).

The best part of having Lauren there was knowing that she would take care of any problems than happened and in our case it was that our go away car had a dead battery!  She promptly made a new plan, came and told us, and executed it so guests would not have known.  I would definitely recommend Ellanesque for wedding planning!  Thank you Lauren!

From:  Danielle S. (Bride)

Ellanesque was the final piece taking me from 80% to our final product.  We hired Ellanesque for ceremony coordination and church decoration.  (Our reception site already provided a basic coordinator).  Although my fiance and I already knew how we wanted the ceremony site to look, Ellanesque quickly executed our visions into reality.  I have no doubt that Lauren and her team handled everything smoothly behind the scenes, and IF anything did go astray, I sure didn't know about it.  She also called all our vendors and confirmed appointments, set-up, breakdown and other logistics.  I know that Lauren and her team can handle every task with grace and diplomacy from the smallest request, to handling your entire day from the first moment until departure.  Her team was timely, efficient, organized and thorough.  I would HIGHLY recommend Ellanesque to handle your wedding day matter how large or small.

From:  Ashleigh S. (Bride)

We hired Ellanesque as our wedding planner about 6 months prior to our wedding date.  We worked with the owners, Lauren and Erik, closely during those 6 months and we cannot rave about them enough.  Many planners, especially the bigger ones, make you feel like just another client in their long list. Lauren goes out of her way to be incredibly responsive to every e-mail and phone call and she makes you feel like you are her only client!  I was very hands on with my wedding planning and leaned on Lauren for pretty much every decision.  She has so much patience in this often frenzy-filled world of wedding planning and is always positive.  She and her team shined on our wedding day, handling every little detail, every vendor, with ease.  She has a knack for making you feel relaxed and that it is all going to be handled fine.

We highly recommend using Ellanesque for your wedding planning services if you are seeking a personal, organized, fun and knowledgeable planner who is also a great person and now friend to us!  Thank you Lauren!

From:  Kristen M.  (Bride)

I wanted a wedding planner who would listen to what I wanted for me wedding and stay within budget, and Lauren from Ellanesque did a great job at both!  I was very impressed with the help I received for me wedding budget, and within a day or two of hiring Ellanesque, I had all the tools I needed to get started on the right path of planning my wedding.  I was amazed at how organized and well put together these tools (budget, checklist, etc.) were.  They were VERY user friendly and provided peace of mind right off the bat that I now had a plan of action and someone to help me complete it.

I ended up getting a customized package, which was also very cool since I only had to pay for what I actually needed, and it was somewhere between their Classy Pearl and Dazzling Diamond package.  So, I handled some meetings myself and had Lauren attend those that I was not as sure about.  In the end, my wedding was perfect thanks to the guidance Lauren gave me along the way and her help wtih putting it all together.  I am not aware of anything that went wrong on my wedding day and didn't have to do anything but say I do, which to me was the point of hiring a wedding planner.  So, if you're looking for a wedding planner who can get you on the right track and help create a beautiful wedding, look no further!