Fall themed wedding at The Houstonian with great food and a party atmosphere with props, dancing, and a signature drink.  Ashleigh looked stunning in her wedding dress as she prepared to say her vows and be married to her groom Corey.  She was relaxed and enjoying the experience since she knew that Lauren from Ellanesque Wedding and Event Planning would be taking care of everything, making sure that all went as planned.

Setup was almost complete at The Houstonian, where the reception was to be held, as Ashleigh and her bridal party made their way to St. Luke's Catholic Church in Houston for the wedding ceremony.  All vendors had arrived on time and the only item that wasn't exactly as planned is that the metal trees that were to be used as decor and part of the centerpieces for each table at the reception were a bit taller than anticipated.  So, a decision had to be made whether to keep the trees on the tables as originally intended or to instead place them on the floor around the room and simply use the floral arrangements on the tables.  After careful consideration and getting opinions from different people involved in set up, it was decided to keep them on the tables and have everything set up as originally intended, with slightly taller trees of course!

The ceremony went very well, and afterwards the bridal party stayed for pictures while the guests traveled back to The Houstonian for cocktail hour.  This cocktail hour would last a bit longer than expected since the photographer took more time than scheduled for the photos.  Since this occurs frequently, we always allow ourselves some flex time within the timeline to "catch up", so that this is not an issue.  The guests did not even notice the difference, and dinner was served right after the bride and groom arrived back to The Houstonian.

After the bridal party's introduction, the traditional wedding dances, and dinner, the dance floor was opened up and the party started!  The bride and groom had invited many guests who loved to dance, so the dance floor stayed full all night long.  Midway through the night, the DJ handed out some props for use on the dance floor such as inflatable guitars, plastic glasses, hats, and furry scarves to name a few.  This livened up the dance floor even more and provided plenty of photo opportunities!

Towards the end of the night, Erik from Ellanesque lined up all the guests in two lines from the ballroom leading all the way to the elevator.  As the bride and groom started making their way towards the elevator, Erik called the elevator and the doors opened at just the right moment for the exit!  Once in the elevator, they kissed one last time before the doors closed, and then went off to their room to enjoy being newlyweds!