Briscoe Manor wedding with fabulous food and entertainment including two country bands, a sushi station, and a surprise fireworks display!  Terryl, the Mother of the Bride, wanted to make sure that her daughter's wedding was everything she could have dreamed of!  So, the first step in making that happen was to hire Lauren from Ellanesque Wedding & Event Planning, whom she often referred to as "the wedding planner without which there would be no wedding!".  

Since Terryl chose the full wedding planning package, Lauren was able to be a part of every aspect of Elizabeth and Gordon's wedding and had a hand in all of the decisions.  After looking at a few venues, they decided to go with Briscoe Manor in Richmond, Texas for a true Texas feel.  To add to the Texas country feel, two country bands were hired to perform at the wedding reception - The Josh Ward Band and the Brandon Ryder Band.  Sure, most of the time when a band is hired for a wedding reception, there is only one band, but Lauren and Terryl were not afraid to go against the grain and mix it up a bit for a unique wedding experience for Elizabeth.

Prior to the wedding reception, a quaint wedding ceremony was held in Briscoe Manor's chapel.  Terryl wanted the ceremony to feel intimate, so she let Lauren know to tell the photographer, Joshua Tyi Photography, to stay in the back of the chapel and make sure that their cameras did not make any noise.  Guests were requested to refrain from taking any photography during the wedding ceremony as well so that nothing was interrupted by flashes or shutter sounds.  One of our favorite photos came from this ceremony, showing the bride and groom smiling at each other at the altar with a rustic wooden cross in the background.

Cocktail hour was held in the outdoor area between the chapel and the ballroom.  Hors d'oeuvres and beverages were served and Erik from Ellanesque made his way around the area, capturing moments on video.  Lauren had asked Terryl earlier about hiring a videographer for the wedding and she had said it was not important.  With a last minute change of heart and a Toshiba Everio camcorder, Erik the videographer was born!  Erik was honored to be trusted with this important task and was glad to do this as a favor for such a sweet family, but decided after the wedding that he would definitely stick to his day job in the future!

After cocktail hour, the guests were escorted indoors to the ballroom where they were welcomed by music from the Josh Ward Band.  As the bride and groom were about to be introduced, the Josh Ward Band left the stage for the Brandon Ryder Band so that Elizabeth and Gordon could go right into their first dance.  After the bride and groom's first dance and the Blessing, guests were dismissed table by table to go get their food for a buffet style dinner.  

This was no ordinary buffet style dinner though!  Sure, there was the usual main course and sides, but there was also a sushi station where guests could pick out their favorite sushi at a sushi bar!  The sushi was made on site by City Sushi and all the ingredients were fresh.  It was of the same quality that you would expect from a sushi restaurant.  In other words, it was delicious!  To top it all off, the wedding cake was a big hit as well as the grooms cake, which actually was not a cake at all but a mountain of donuts!  Since the groom was a police officer, I guess this proves the long living stereotype of cops and their donuts! 

As dinner came to a close and the dance floor opened up, the Josh Ward Band came back out to perform.  Erik was very impressed with this band as they were a humble bunch and easy to talk to.  That, and their Texas country music was excellent!  As the night went along, the Josh Ward Band played their last song and left the stage for the Brandon Ryder Band to play the rest of the evening.  As the clock moved closer to midnight, the Brandon Ryder Band instructed everyone to move outside to the back porch for a surprise.

Lauren had helped Terryl plan for a fireworks show at the end of the night that was to be a surprise for Elizabeth.  She was very adamant that it HAD to be a surprise and to not spoil the surprise!  This was humorous at times as Terryl once said while on the phone with Lauren and Erik from Ellanesque that she was afraid that Erik would end up saying something about it (actually when it comes to secrets, Erik is the best to keep one!).  Fast forward to 11:50pm the night of the wedding, and Elizabeth and Gordon still knew nothing about the surprise fireworks.  Erik had set up six chairs for the bride and groom and their parents to view the fireworks display that would appear over the lake.  It was an awesome show and a great moment for the family to share together, all captured in photographs and video!