Elegant Hotel Sorella wedding with a live band and party atmosphere.  Complete with a sparkler exit in a classic car!  

Liz was an only child, so it was very important to the Mother of the Bride and the Father of the Bride that they throw their daughter an awesome wedding that was everything she ever dreamed of!  To make sure that nothing was forgotten and everything went flawlessly on their wedding day, they hired Ellanesque Wedding & Event Planning to plan and coordinate Liz's wedding.  Lauren helped to pair Liz up with wedding vendors that would work perfectly for her wedding day vision, working hand in hand with Liz, her fiance Robert and Mother of the Bride Carol.  After selecting Hotel Sorella in Houston's City Centre as the reception venue, they began to design the wedding day layout and concept and began to assemble an excellent vendor team.  

The wedding day began with a Catholic wedding ceremony at St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Houston.  Though the church has a strict policy that their coordinator must take charge of the ceremony, Lauren from Ellanesque was instrumental in preparing the bridal party for the processional.  From making sure that a button was sewn back onto a groomsman's tuxedo to reminding the Father that it was his time to take the stage, Ellanesque made sure that things went smoothly.

After the bride and groom said "I do" and were announced as husband and wife, many of the guests were shuttled back to Hotel Sorella by a shuttle bus provided by Sam's Limousines.  There, they were greeted by a cocktail hour with cocktail shrimp and other hors d'oeuvres.  As the bridal party arrived at Hotel Sorella towards the end of the cocktail hour, Lauren cued Drywater Band that it was time to get the party started!  As the Drywater Band began to play, guests found their name on a poster sized seating chart designed by Liz and Robert before finding their table inside the La Scala ballroom at Hotel Sorella.

Purple accent lighting lit up the ballroom as the bridal party were introduced before the bride and groom, who went straight into their first dance as husband and wife.  After the father daughter and mother son dances, and a blessing by the father of the bride, a plated dinner was served while the DJ played dinner music.  Cake cutting would follow the dinner, and the bride and groom cut the wedding cake as well as the groom's cake, which was a duck hunting inspired design with a Texas A&M logo.

As the bridal party and guests enjoyed dancing and live music from the Drywater Band, Ellanesque set up the candy bar, which included many of Liz and Robert's favorite candies, including a now personal favorite of Lauren's, "Zots".  The candy bar was set up just outside of the ballroom near the bar where guests could enjoy Liz's signature cocktail.  The dance floor would stay packed the entire night since Liz and Robert's guests were happy to make it a party atmosphere!

The party would last all the way until 1am in the morning, but before it ended, Erik from Ellanesque had a very important job to do!  The owner of the classic car that was to be Liz and Robert's getaway car had shown it to an admirer earlier in the night and had left the lights on.  With a dead battery and just minutes before the exit, Erik hunted down Hotel Sorella's security who would come to jump start it.  While this was going on, Erik went to plan B and as he handed out the sparklers for the exit and had the guests line up so that the bride and groom would walk into Hotel Sorella's lobby instead of to the getaway car.  However, just in the nick of time, they were able to get the classic car jump started, readjusted the lines of guests, and lit the sparklers in time for the bride and groom's grand exit!