Award winning North Houston wedding at Ashton Gardens with candy buffet and bubble exit chosen as Wedding of the Year!  Mother of the Bride Leslie worked hand in hand with Lauren to make sure that her daughter Rebekah's wedding was everything she had ever wanted.  This wedding had a unique twist to the planning process since that while the bride lived in the Houston area, Leslie lived in Mexico and would be the one that was most involved in planning this wedding with Lauren.  

Since the mother of the bride lived in another country, Lauren and Leslie corresponded primarily by e-mail and the occasional Skype conversation.  Leslie also traveled to Houston a couple times, and Lauren made sure to have meetings lined up and decisions ready to be made while she was here.

Ashton Gardens was chosen as the ceremony and reception venue rather quickly, since it was close to Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport and the bride's home.  There would be some out of town guests, so this made the travel arrangements much easier than having a venue further away.  It also helped the transportation logistics since the ceremony and reception would be in the same location, so there was no need for transportation to be arranged between two venues.  

After the venue was chosen, Leslie and Lauren moved on to select a DJ, florist, baker and photographer for their New Years' Eve wedding.  JPL Entertainment, who was chosen as the DJ, also provided a bubble machine to be used for the bride and groom's exit.  After selecting the remaining vendors who would be involved in this North Houston wedding, Lauren helped Leslie with wedding favor ideas and designing a candy bar.  It was decided that each guest would receive a deck of cards with the bride and groom's names and wedding date on them, since the bride and groom both really enjoyed playing games.  The candy bar included all of Rebekah and Jonathan's favorite candy, all of which were wrapped in purple when possible since purple was their primary wedding color. 

On the morning of December 31st, Lauren made sure that all vendors arrived as scheduled and that the setup was completed on time.  Lauren and Erik would set up the favors and any miscellaneous items, such as a guest fingerprint souvenir for the bride and groom, where the guests would put their fingerprint on a tree that was on a large poster board.  The fingerprints would serve as the leaves for the tree, so this was a neat way for the bride and groom to have something to keep from the wedding from all of their guests.  All the vendors ended up arriving and setting up on time, with the exception of the cake, which arrived a bit too close for comfort!  In the end, everything was set up perfectly and ready in time for the wedding.

Prior to the ceremony, while the bridal party was getting ready, the father of the bride was becoming very sick!  We are still not sure if it was food poisoning from the night before or some sort of virus, but either way it made for a difficult situation for him.  Since he felt awful the entire day, Lauren made sure that he had a private place to rest between the times where he was needed for his father of the bride duties.  He was still able to walk Rebekah down the aisle, participate in the father daughter dance, and make a toast, so none of the festivities were skipped over.  

The other guests enjoyed the entire afternoon from the buffet lunch with a custom mashed potato bar to the music and Jonathan's surprise dance for Rebekah, done in Tom's tennis shoes and a ball cap to the tune of "Sexy and I Know it" by LMFAO.  

After the wedding, Rebekah and Leslie submitted the photos and wedding story to a contest by, which sells flower girl dresses including the one that Ellie, Rebekah's daughter and flower girl for her wedding, wore.  Out of over 2,500 entries, this wedding was chosen as the winner of the 2012 Wedding of the Year Award!  It was chosen due to the decor and overall design of the wedding, and it certainly didn't hurt that the flower girl was a cutie!