Elaborate four seasons themed extravaganza at Chateau CoCoMar showcasing the work of top Houston area vendors in the wedding industry.  Each year, the Knot chooses a wedding planning company to plan and coordinate their annual party for the Houston area.  Ellanesque Wedding and Event Planning was proud to be chosen over all other applicants to plan and coordinate A Night out with the Knot, and we did not disappoint!

Once Ellanesque was given the honor of being the planner for this event, Lauren went to work to assemble an excellent team of vendors in the wedding industry to take care of all aspects of the Knot party in Houston.  Drawing from the great relationships that she had already formed with many Houston area wedding vendors, Lauren began with the vendor selection process.  First up was to secure a venue, and though it required much more work, Lauren chose to go with Chateau CoCoMar.  Chateau CoCoMar had not even opened yet when Lauren selected them as the venue, so it was definitely a leap of faith that everything would progress as scheduled and Chateau CoCoMar would be ready for the Knot party.  Ellanesque definitely wanted to have this party on the north side of Houston, since it was closer to their studio in The Woodlands.

As the weeks went by, Lauren brought in one vendor after another to make sure that the Knot Party that had been entrusted to her was the best one yet!  About a month before the Knot party, the invites, provided by Invitation Solutions, went out to all of the Knot's advertisers.  It was to be a four seasons themed event that would be more detailed and spectacular than any other!

As the guests started to arrive, the Ellanesque team began signing them in using the new electronic sign in system through iPads provided by the Knot.  This system was not without it's kinks though, as the connection was very slow and guests were arriving too quickly to wait for it.  So, Ellanesque moved on the Plan B, keeping track of who was arriving the old fashioned way, with pen and paper!

After making it through the sign in table, the guests walked into a lounge area filled with wedding furniture provided by Aztec Party Rentals.  It was here that the Knot team would give their presentation and thank the vendors involved as well as all of the guests for coming out and being a part of the night.  The Knot gave a special thank you to Lauren for her impressive work with putting it all together.

Past the lounge area on the first floor was the Spring and Summer seasons.  The downstairs ballroom of Chateau CoCoMar was split in two sections, the larger of which was the Spring season and the smaller area near the DJ was a Summer theme.  Plants and Petals provided the floral for the Spring and Summer seasons, and Aztec Party Rentals provided the party furniture.  Ellanesque was thrilled that Signature EvenTx agreed to be the DJ for the party, and they did a great job throughout the night keeping the party going and the dance floor occupied!

Upstairs was the Fall and Winter seasons, brought to life by Any Occasions, who brought in the rentals and furniture, and Posh Petals, who provided the floral and decor.  Al flipbook studio was brought in upstairs as well by Anchor Entertainment, where the guests could record movements of themselves and "play" them back by flipping through a booklet that they were given.  Signature EvenTx didn't neglect the upstairs either, as they had a second set of DJs handling the music in that area.  Overlooking the downstairs, guests could see the custom GOBOs designed for the Knot, Chateau CoCoMar, and Ellanesque Weddings & Events illuminated on the walls above the lounge area.  These GOBOs were provided by ILD Lighting, who also provided the lighting for the entire event.

It proved to be an excellent party and excellent networking opportunity for all who attended.  Lauren and the rest of the Ellanesque team received many compliments throughout the evening, and everything went off without a hitch.  Usually, the Knot looks for a new planner each year to plan this annual event.  However, since Ellanesque did such a great job with this event, we were invited back to plan the Knot party for the following year as well, though we had to decline due to prior commitments.