Many couples think since they have been together for a while they don’t need anything going into a marriage.  Who said that?  Anyone, I mean ANYONE, loves new stuff especially if their family and friends are willing to give it to them for free!  So, let your family and friends shower you with gifts.  It’s your wedding so this is the one chance to let everyone know exactly what you want! Let’s face it- you will probably be having the “and that is going where?” talk with your spouse about some old stuff that only the owner could love, so you will need “new” stuff very soon!

  • Register with at least 2 different places because your guests will need a variety of gifts in all price ranges to choose from.  It is important to register for things in all price ranges, so take that scanner gun and have fun! If you put an expensive item on your registry, don’t feel guilty! Guests can always go in with each other to get that gift, so don’t rule out the high dollar items.  That being said, skip out on some high-dollar items that you don’t need.  I remember when I had my registry I had scanned in a crystal hairbrush because I was just curious how much it was and it wasn’t marked.  Within an hour, I had a phone call from a close relative that contained a lecture about how I didn’t need a $100 hair brush!
  • Think future:  When you go to register, think of items you will need and use in the future.  For example:  You aren’t much of a cook, but that $150 crock pot looks amazing. Well, if you get it then make an effort to learn a thing or two.
  • Think Zones:  Register for different rooms and functions for your newlywed digs! Remember you can put as much or as little on your registry as you want!
  • If you don’t want to register there is always honeymoon registry and charities you can look into. You set up an account where people can make deposits for your honeymoon.  Or…if you aren’t big into that sort of thing then there are always local and national charities that you could request to have your family and friends donate to.

People love to buy gifts for the happy couple, so don’t be shy on this one!  Take the gun and have at it!  You won’t regret it, I promise!