Picture this:  You are about to walk onto the dance floor and hear your name being announced as Mr. and Mrs. You are staring into each other’s eyes as you hear the beginning of your song.  All of your family and friends are watching you!  What now?  Do you stand in one place, move across the dance floor, or do that foot to foot scuffle?  If you two prepared with dance lessons you two would have been completely confident and enjoying the moment instead of worrying about what the other is going to do.  Not to mention the damage that could be done to those expensive shoes!

I would recommend looking into a local dance studio that does private or group lessons for dancing.  It can be expensive, so price around first.  Also, see if the studio is having a sale or promotion.  Many studios offer the first introductory lesson for free so at least do one of those!

Make your first dance as newlyweds memorable, not regrettable!