Pre-marital counseling is created to assist couples in developing skills to equip and navigate their way through marriage successfully and identify areas where differences between couples may come up and cause conflict in the future.

Preparation for marriage must be taken into consideration.  Many marriages end in divorce because the husband and wife didn’t take the time to learn about expectations, communication skills, and tools to equip them for marriage before saying I do.  In premarital counseling, you and your fiancé can be properly equipped before you walk down the aisle.  As divorce rates continue to rise in the United States, more and more couples are approaching marriage with blinders on.  It’s better to take action now than to break a covenant between you, your future spouse and God.

Pre-marital counseling is for everyone who is getting married and wants to better their marriage before it begins.  Marriage is very challenging, but wouldn’t you want to have the tools in your tool belt to face conflicts and differences in the future?

Check out your local listings for churches and other facilities that offer pre-marital counseling classes, seminars, or workshops.  However, you may want to wait on this until after we have booked your venue, since many churches require couples who are getting married there to take the pre-marital counseling class offered at their church.  Many times it will be free (or included in your fee for booking the venue) if it is required.