Cut Down on Stress

At your wedding, you don't want to have to worry about all the little things that could possibly go wrong.  Even if you can find a friend or family member to take charge of everything on that day, will they really know what to do in the event of a hiccup, or will that stress make its way back to you?  Also, asking someone you know to take charge means that they will not get to enjoy your wedding and will instead be stressed throughout the big day.  Most of the time, this "someone" ends up being the mother of the bride, who forfeits having the best time possible on one of the happiest days of her life.  Hiring a wedding planner can take the stress away from you and your family so that you can all enjoy the wedding.

Design Assistance

A good wedding planner will be able to help you with the overall theme and design of your wedding.  You may have some ideas, but without the knowledge of how to piece these ideas together, you might find it very difficult to design exactly what you had in mind.  A wedding planner has been there before and can help you with your designs whether they are the latest trends or more traditional.  They will also know which vendor(s) to consult with for each piece of the design process.

Overlook Nothing

Have you ever thrown a party where all of your friends and extended family were invited?  Many weddings have hundreds of guests on the guest list, and making sure that you have covered EVERYTHING to keep them happy and impressed can be a daunting task.  There are many things that go into a wedding and since you only plan to throw this huge party once, you probably don't have any experience to rely on.  A wedding planner will help you cover everything needed to have a great wedding, and will have options for you to consider that you may have never thought of before.

Save Time

While the number of hours it takes to plan a wedding will vary based on the size and complexity of the wedding, it will always require a substantial amount of time.  A wedding planner will significantly cut down on the amount of time that you spend planning your wedding by doing much of the legwork for you.  With the average age of a bride at 27, most brides have full time jobs by the time they get married and simply do not have the time necessary to plan a wedding on their own.  Hiring a wedding planner will allow you to spend as much or as little time planning your wedding as you would like.

Impartial Opinions

The months leading up to the wedding day can be an emotional roller coaster.  Somewhere down the line you will probably argue with your maid of honor, feel the pressure from your mom, and worry about if your fiance is included in the process enough.  A wedding planner will be there to give an outside, non-biased and objective opinion to help resolve any disagreements among those involved in the planning process.

Why Hire Ellanesque As Your Wedding Planner?

One Wedding Per Weekend

Ever heard horror stories about a wedding planner helping a bride throughout the wedding planning process and then bailing on the wedding, sending assistants instead, because a day-of coordination gig popped up?  That will never happen with us!  Our coordinators have a maximum of one wedding per weekend, so you can be assured that your primary coordinator will always be at your wedding! Also, as a company, we never have two weddings in the same day.  This gives you the assurance that if you need emergency assistance, you will be our number one priority and will not have to fight for our attention with someone else getting married the same day.  It also allows for owner involvement in each wedding, which is very important to look for in a wedding planner!

Vendor Relationships

While planning a wedding, you will be entering into many contracts and probably making quite a few payments that are much more than you are used to making!  While your research and gut feeling can sometimes steer you in the right direction, many times you don't have much assurance after signing the contract that you will get what you paid for. We have connections with many great vendors in our area and can find you the best service at the best price.  Some wedding planners are paid "referral fees" for steering you towards a certain vendor.  Not us!  We can certainly recommend a vendor, but we NEVER accept referral fees from anyone since our job is to pair YOU with the best match, not to get a new pair of designer shoes from every vendor you sign with.  If we are offered a referral fee, we simply ask that the vendor take the amount off of your invoice.  We try our best to maintain a good relationship with everyone we work with so that when it comes time for your wedding, you will be getting each vendor's "A-game".

Competitive and UPFRONT Pricing

Nothing is worse than viewing a wedding planner's website, falling in love with them, calling about their prices and then being forced to meet for an in-person consultation before being given any clue what their prices are.  Then, you sit through the consultation and sales pitch for about an hour, love them even more, only to find out at the end that they are out of your price range and you cannot afford them.  Bummer!!!

Out of respect for you, your time, and ours as well, we have chosen to post prices for our popular packages online.  This way, you can see whether we fit into your budget before you come in for a complimentary consultation and fall in love with us :) . We can certainly customize any of our packages to fit exactly what you are looking for, and have many a la carte options to choose from as well.  You can even name your price, starting at the current price for our Classy Pearl package, and we will design a custom package for that amount!  Posting our prices online gives you the respect that you deserve, and provides you with assurance that we will never hike our prices when we meet a bride who we feel can afford to pay more.

Custom Budget Development

When you hire a wedding planner, chances are that they specialize in wedding planning.  This is common sense, but also important to consider when thinking about the financial aspect of your wedding.  At Ellanesque, we have an in-house CPA who will design a custom budget for you based on your individual priorities.  This is not a template that we simply downloaded from the internet, but a budgeting system designed from scratch through countless hours of research so that each bride is given the tools that she needs to make sure that her wedding is within her budget while making sure that money is spent where it should be as well as saved where it should be.


As you can easily tell if you have read any of our blogs, we are passionate about wedding planning!  We get excited about the challenge of creating an atmosphere reflecting YOU that you and your guests will love and always remember.  This passion leads to a strong desire to do our very best at each and every wedding- not just to maintain our good reputation, but also to create memories that we can feel good about, including the smile on the bride's face throughout the day!

Ready for Anything

Bobby pins?  Check.  Tissues?  Check.  Backup plan?  Check.  We are there with anything and everything you need on your wedding day.  The little things that come up last minute can be a crisis to a bride, mother of the bride, etc.  Leave the stress to us as we fix that rip or whatever may come up.  We are your fairy godmothers with headphones and heels!

Hire any wedding planner to relieve some stress.  Hire Ellanesque to make your wedding fabulous!